Cybersecurity: What is it and why do we need it?

Cybersecurity: What is it and why do we need it?

Cybersecurity is a trendy topic worldwide. The constant advances in the Information Technology industry and in the cyberspace are also reshaping the way individuals and businesses deal with confidential data.

Have you ever felt surprised when browsing on the internet, the computer automatically filled out a form with your personal information? Or when you researched a particular item and instantly ads about it started showing up everywhere? If you stop for a moment and think about all the websites you visited, the social platforms you joined and the pages you subscribed to, you will realise that you shared much more about yourself than you could ever imagine. All these details are stored in some sort of virtual network, called “the cloud”.

Our Information Is Not Safe

When combining the information stored online, it is possible to draw a map of our habits, places we visited, where we live and work. It is almost like it generated a whole report about our personal lives. Scary enough, having access to this is actually not that hard, and it can be done by people from all over the world. Needless to say, those who have bad intentions can use it in a non-appropriate way.

Technology is a vulnerable environment. It is susceptible to glitches, human errors and bugs. These types of faults are exactly what hackers are after. But don’t worry, there is a specific part of IT that deals only with security matters.

Cybersecurity, the invisible hero

The role of Cybersecurity is to ensure that systems get more and more protected from threats of data leakage. Companies and Governments often deal with a significant amount of confidential data, and they put information security in the top of their priorities list.

The Australian Government, for example, has a statutory agency called Australian Signal Directorate (ASD), which is responsible to regulate and enhance cyber security services Australia-wide.

Apart from that, Cyber security is often a crucial part of Risk Management plans. Because the digital environment is in constant metamorphosis, there are still many risks that are not obvious. Therefore, companies must pay special attention to their systems to foresee possible risks of data leakage.

A Career on the rise

Given all the facts that were just mentioned, we can infer that this is a career in expansion.

According to recent researches made by Forbes, there are currently not enough skilled professionals to supply the demand. The IT Enterprise CSO also stated that Australia has only 7% of the total cybersecurity expertise that it needs.

Where is the industry going to?

Even though it is known that virtual systems are evolving, it is still not clear where they are getting to. The direction, however, is certain: systems will get more and more sophisticated to avoid hacker attacks, and the search for professionals in this area is unlikely to decrease.


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