Student Interview – Henry Serrano

Student Interview – Henry Serrano

After completing a bachelor degree in their home country, many students that come to Australia wonder if it is still worth undertaking a Certificate or Diploma in their field of study. The answer will depend on what they are aiming to achieve for their careers, but we anticipate that it can be quite useful.

We interviewed one of our Information Technology students who has been working as an IT for several years now. Apart from professional experience, he also holds a Bachelor Degree in this field.

What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Henry Serrano and I am from Colombia.

How long have you been living in Australia for?

I have been living in Australia for one year now.

Why did you come to Australia?

I came here to study English and continue my studies in IT.

What course are you studying?

Now I am studying Diploma of Website Development.

Do you already hold a bachelor degree?

Yes. I have a degree in Systems Engineering.

Do you believe the course is still useful despite your professional background?

Absolutely. I can’t deny it made the projects much easier for me, however I am working with different tools than I was used to back home. So, I am learning how to deal with a variety of softwares and this will be really good for my career. Apart from that, the course is very good to practise my skills in a different language, this will boost my resume.

What do you intend to do after finishing this Diploma?

I want to study a Diploma in Database, also at York Business Institute, and after I finish my studied I would like to apply for a graduate visa.

What do you think about the course you are studying now?

The course is really good. It is very practical as well, so we have the chance to apply what we are learning.

Do you think a student without a background in IT can undertake this course?

I think so because the trainer is very patient and he explains the step by step of every process. So those who don’t know much about it have the chance to learn from the basics. The fact that we have projects to deliver also gives everyone to have some experience and get prepared to have real working experiences.

Which project are you guys doing at the moment?

We are now creating a webpage for a simulated E-commerce. We need to create all the pages for this online shop, working with coding and managing all the visual aspects of the webpage. Each person is creating their own page, so it is nice because we can be creative.

What do you think about the campus?

The campus is new and it looks nice. The IT classes also have good computers that are fast and modern. It is very nice to work with them.


Name: Henry Serrano

Nationality: Colombian

Age: 34 years old

Course of choice: Diploma of Website Development

Professional Background: Systems Engineering

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